Tier on Tier Shutters Merseyside

Stylish and practical, Tier on Tier Shutters have top and bottom panels that open independently of each other for greater control over light and privacy.

Window Shutters Merseyside

Flexibility like no other shutters!

Tier on Tier Shutters Merseyside. Our most flexible shutter blind, Tier on Tier Shutters give you two sets of shutters that can open seperately. Benefit from complete privacy when fully closed, or fold back the top tier of shutters to let the light flood the room.

Like all our shutters, Tier on Tier Shutters offer extra soundproofing, heat insulation and complete privacy. you’ll add all-important curb appeal and value to your property.

Made for Sash windows

Tier on Tier Shutters are perfect for sash windows. Simply fold back the top tier of shutters to reveal their beauty, similar to Café Style Shutters. Unlike Café shutters, you have an extra tier of top shutters that when closed will keep your room insulated in winter.

Tier On Tier window shutters are the perfect choice with two shutters in one frame, offering incredible flexibility and style.

White Window Shutters Merseyside

Energy efficient

Tier on Tier Shutters have excellent insulation properties, reducing heat loss in the winter months and reducing heat gain in the summer.
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Sound absorbing

Shutter blinds are very effective at reducing external noise, creating a barrier at the window. Helpful if you live on a busy street.
Easy to Clean Shutters Merseyside

Easy to clean

Shutters are easy to maintain and wipe clean with a cloth. Plus the stainless-steel hinges won’t rust so stay looking as good as new.

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