Blackout Shutters Merseyside

Night worker or light sleeper? Get a better night’s sleep with our Blackout shutters, with built-in blind for complete darkness - any time of the day.

Window Shutters Merseyside

Ideal Shutter for night workers and light sleepers

Blackout Shutters Merseyside. Traditional shutters cannot be manufactured to be 100% light-proof. Only Blackout Shutters with an integrated blackout blind can completely block out daylight and ambient street light.

Built-in light-proof blind

Our blackout Shutters have a built-in channel that snuggly holds an adjustable blind. This eliminates almost all of the light bleed and keeps the room near pitch black. Blinds are available in a choice of 15 different colours to match the decor of your room.



VEVO Blackout Shutters allow you to create bedroom darkness for high quality sleep day or night, whatever the season.

White Window Shutters Merseyside

Energy efficient

Shutters have excellent insulation properties, reducing heat loss in the winter months and reducing heat gain in the summer.
Wood shutters liverpool

Sound absorbing

Shutters are very effective at reducing external noise, creating a barrier at the window. Helpful if you live on a busy street.
Easy to Clean Shutters Merseyside

Easy to clean

Shutters are easy to maintain and wipe clean with a cloth. Plus the stainless-steel hinges won’t rust so stay looking as good as new.

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