Tracked Shutters Merseyside

Tracked Shutters are ideal for larger windows or patios with panels hinged to special tracks for concertina movement.

Bi Folding Shutters Merseyside

Perfect for patio and bi-fold doors

Tracked Shutters Merseyside. Tracked Window Shutters (also known as Sliding Shutters), are hinged to our special designed track, allowing the shutter to open and close in concertina like manner.

Tracked Shutters offer ultimate coverage for bigger window openings like patio and bi-folding doors. Tracked Shutters look amazing and perfect for controlling the light into your room and adding extra soundproofing and exceptional privacy.

Made for modern living

Modern houses often have wide patio door or bi-fold openings or even perhaps a room divider. Tracked shutters are so flexible in their design, a clever by-pass system even allows them to be used as wardrobe doors.

Tracked Shutters are a popular shading option where standard shutters will just not fit. Tracked shutters can either fold back in a concertina-like manner, or drawn back and tucked out of the way, revealing all of your window on show.

Tracked Shutters cover larger windows with elegance, with plenty of benefits and paint finishes to elevate your room's style.

White Window Shutters Merseyside

Energy efficient

Shutters have excellent insulation properties, reducing heat loss in the winter months and reducing heat gain in the summer.
Wood shutters liverpool

Sound absorbing

Shutters are very effective at reducing external noise, creating a barrier at the window. Helpful if you live on a busy street.
Easy to Clean Shutters Merseyside

Easy to clean

Shutters are easy to maintain and wipe clean with a cloth. Plus the stainless-steel hinges won’t rust so stay looking as good as new.

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